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SELF-DEFENSE Pt. 1 - Awareness

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If you drive a car in the United States you know that it's illegal in every state to text while you're driving and in some states it's illegal to hold the phone in your hand and talk. Many vehicles have Bluetooth so you can answer the phone, with less distractions, which makes you more aware of driving. Drinking and driving is a major cause of accidents.. Being intoxicated or texting is distracting and it impairs judgement. While walking, jogging and texting is dangerous.

By being AWARE of your surroundings, makes you safer.

AWARENESS, is to be focused on your surroundings whenever your walking, jogging, bicycling, shopping, or driving you must be be aware of your surroundings to stay safe. By being AWARE of whom is around and where you are, helps keep you out of harm's way. Distraction prevents you from being AWARE of something or someone that may have the intention to cause you bodily harm. The society we live in can be dangerous as people fall victim to Crime on a regular basis..It could be robbery, carjacking, human trafficking, murder or some other form of violence. I'm not trying to frighten you, but we all must be AWARE of the dangers in society today. It doesn't matter where you live, walk or drive; it could be a mansion, apartment, house, car or public transportation.

The fact is ANYONE can fall victim of a crime, especially WHEN you're not AWARE of your surroundings. AWARENESS encompasses the use of all of your senses...By being AWARE you become tuned into your surroundings. To practice being AWARE go somewhere that People congregate and are busy doing something. Find a place where you can people watch, pay attention to everybody that's around, to see if you can spot who is not paying attention to their surroundings.

More important see if you can pick out if there's someone watching you! While you're out walking or driving, don't be so tuned into your music or whatever it is you're listening to, that you don't look around. We have peripheral vision that allows us to see side to side to, but you should be aware of who is behind you. Being aware signals people that you are prepared and not easy prey. If you watch a TV show about the Wild Kingdom, you will quickly observe that predators never warn their prey, before they attack. And neither will a human predator. Robbery, murder, rapes, and human traffickers are not going to warn you, that you're about to be a victim!

Predators will sometimes will employ stealth, blitz or a con game before they Attack! Think about how you put groceries in your car. Are you looking around or simply focused on loading your car? PLEASE stay tuned to our channel as I will cover numerous topics about self defense, for you to develop plans of action. From various tools to mental preparation or mindset, to defend yourself and loved ones!

REMEMBER, there is NO single plan to stay safe.

By being AWARE and VIGILANT, you are taking the first step to staying SAFE!

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