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In part 2 of a two-part series introducing the Archangels of Justice, the Archangels discuss the Angels Siler case and the inept investigation by the Carbondale PD. Although Pravin’s murder was eventually found guilty, the treatment his family received when getting answers, serves to highlight the problems with law enforcement and their inability to work with the public.

Pravin Varughese was an intelligent young, college student. He attended Southern Illinois University. Pravin went to a party and had the misfortune of meeting his murderer, Gage Bethune. He left the party and went in Bethune’s truck, unknowingly to his death. His body was found 4 days later in the woods, by police, medical examiner, and prosecutor, who collectively fabricated a story that Pravin, simply had gotten lost in the woods and froze to death...They ignored the multiple bruises on his head, arms and legs, all indicative of a serious beating with some type of heavy object. They ignored the dash cam video, which captured Gaege Bethune, coming from the woods taken by state trooper Chris Martin and his written report that Gaege Bethune admitted to fighting with Pravin and that he chased him into the very woods, his body was found in. All law enforcement from ISP trooper Chris Martin, through to the Carbondale PD, ME Jacobi and prosecutor Mike Carr were either incompetent or corrupt.

We along with the family brought every possible bit of evidence to officials from local police, prosecutors, congressional members, to the DOJ & FBI, to be TOLD there was NO MURDER. But 4 years later, through persistence, a special prosecutor NOT affiliated with Jackson County illinois was appointed, and Bethune was indicted and convicted for 1st Degree Murder.
Corruption in the criminal justice system comes in all forms, sometimes its plain incompetence and other times it more sinister..

Pravin and his family finally achieved justice, but were ridiculed and put through hell trying to prove it, by the corrupt authorities in Carbondale Illinois. Archangels of Justice will continue to Fight and Expose corruption wherever we find it.

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In part 1 of a two-part series introducing the Archangels of Justice, the Archangels discuss the Angels Siler case and the inept investigation by the Susanville PD. This case only serves to highlight the problems with law enforcement and their inability to work with the public.

We at Archangels of Justice are dedicated to getting it right the first time and telling you what is wrong with a case, when incompetent, or corrupt police botch an investigation so badly, that it is absolutely sickening… We have worked on hundreds and still working to resolve the horror these families have been put through!
These are only 2 of the many cases that we have found police to be either corrupt or incompetent!
Angel Siler, Susanville, CA and Pravin Varughese, Carbondale, IL
Both of these young, attractive vibrant people died much to young, and worse yet at the hands of another human being.
The police, prosecutors and medical examiners DID NOT do their jobs in these atrocious deaths. Both deaths classified as ACCIDENTS and not MURDERS, which they obviously were.
You can read extensively the press coverage, their FB pages for JUSTICE, and Archangels of Justice FB as well as our multitude of videos surrounding these cases as we fought alongside the families and the communities demanding JUSTICE for these 2 wonderful young people.
We travelled to CA and IL, to assist and badger police into doing the right thing, we even named the suspects and how the murders were committed to no avail for years…..
Until Finally in both cases, arrests were made of our prime suspects and convictions gained…
Stay tuned to our website and FB for continuing reports as we fight for justice for those who cannot speak for themselves…
We will be providing newsletters, video blogs, podcasts on topics that will range from saving your life, to saving yourself or loved ones from a corrupted criminal justice system…

Investigators, Salvatore E. Rastrelli and Ira B. Robins review actual cases to identify the problems within the justice system and determine the cures. They seek to reverse the breakdown in public trust, alleviate the hostility on both sides, and reduce the number of senseless deaths. Both are former police officers and private investigators with more than 88 years combined investigative experience. The intended audience and advertising target is anyone who has been wronged by law enforcement or knows someone who has; including all minorities and ethnic groups and anyone seeking to expose the truth and effect change.​

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